AmLaw 100 2013

May 3rd, 2013 by Altman Weil

The American Lawyer released its review of BigLaw economic performance for 2012 and the numbers are up, if modestly:

  • Revenue: up 3.4%
  • RPL: up 2.6%
  • PPP: up 4.2%

The magazine’s take on this:

“Revenue per lawyer is up not because firms added head count—that metric only nudged up 0.8 percent—but primarily as a result of positive economic indicators. Firms were able to raise rates, and their lawyers, as a rule, were able to bill more hours (although this varied widely by practice area). Profits followed a similar path. Net income edged up 4.2 percent, and profits per partner rose even as equity partner head count stayed flat. This suggests that firms posted real profit gains, as opposed to (ahem) adjusting their partner head count.”

Read it at The American Lawyer

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