Starting salaries for new law school graduates

July 13th, 2012 by Altman Weil

It’s ugly out there for new law grads.  NALP, the National Association for Law Placement, has released a new study on starting salaries for the Class of 2011, as well as some trend data from the last three years.

According to their press release:

“The median starting salary for new law school graduates from the Class of 2011 fell 5% from that for 2010 and has fallen nearly 17% just since 2009… The research also reveals that the median starting private practice salary fell over 18% from 2010 and since 2009 has fallen an astonishing 35%. These are among the most dramatic findings that were released this week from NALP’s Employment Report and Salary Survey for the Class of 2011.”

“This drop in starting salaries, while expected, is surprising in its scope” according to NALP’s Executive Director James Leipold. “Nearly all of the drop can be attributed to the continued erosion of private practice opportunities at the largest law firms.”

Read it at NALP

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