Innovation adds value and creates client loyalty

March 19th, 2012 by Altman Weil

Last fall the Emerging Companies practice group at Perkins Coie in Seattle developed a free, web-based form-generator for start up companies “to put together the early-stage documents they need to create their companies without having to pay attorneys to do it for them.”  They liken it to TurboTax for entrepreneurs.

Perkins Coie partner Buddy Arnheim says that clients used to pay the firm for this work, but the firm would rather focus on counseling services which represent the greatest added value.

“The new free form-generation will help automate the simpler tasks that the law firm was already trying to give to its lower-paid employees or consultants to keep costs low for startups. Now, the entrepreneurs can do it themselves, then come to Perkins Coie when they really need assistance.”

Read it at Puget Sound Business Journal

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