Associate hiring 2012

August 23rd, 2011 by Altman Weil

“Some economists are predicting a double-dip recession, but law firms hiring associates for 2012, say they are planning to make the same number of job offers as they did for the 2011 class — and in some cases may even increase the number of positions.  While they are mindful of the fragile economy, firms are not expecting the kind of upheaval that forced them to gut their summer associate classes in the last recession”  according to Thomson Reuters. 

“There are a few reasons firms are confident about the hiring landscape. One is the lessons of the 2008 recession are still fresh. The severity and speed of the recession caught most firms by surprise, and many found that they had over-hired. That experience has led to more careful and leaner staffing. Firms also work more closely than before with practice groups firm-wide when assessing manpower needs. ”

Read it at Thomson Reuters News & Insight

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