Law departments are using technology to control costs

June 24th, 2011 by Altman Weil

Corporate Counsel magazine has released its 2011 Survey of In-House Technology.  They found that the recession has caused corporate law departments to become more pro-active in communicating their technology needs to outside counsel especially as a means of cost control.

Survey findings on e-discovery…

“On the e-discovery front, roles have reversed between in-house and outside counsel. Where companies used to let their firms pick service providers and simply pay the bill, many now pick the providers themselves — typically, e-discovery vendors with whom they already have a relationship and in many cases, a discounted pricing arrangement.”

and on e-billing…

“On [managing costs], e-billing has also proven a winner. Or, at least, it has with the minority of companies — just 35 percent — that require it of outside counsel. “This has saved us a lot of money, has let us hold our legal fees to 2008 levels,” says one in-house counsel at a Fortune 500 company who asked not to be identified. “Before, we’d get 100 bills every month, with different people reviewing them, and rate increases would sneak in. When we started e-billing, there were a few times where someone upped their rate. Only we saw it, because the system flagged it. We don’t see anyone trying that anymore.”

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