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A Whole New Mind

April 10th, 2015 by Altman Weil

Marci Krufka Taylor at Mantra Partner has a new commentary on Daniel Pink’s book, A Whole New Mind, and how it applies to law firm marketing.  Lawyers tend to be ‘left-brain’ analytical thinkers, but do clients in 2015 want more?

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What do in-house lawyers read?

April 10th, 2015 by Altman Weil

“This matters, of course. First, if you want to talk intelligently to in-house lawyers, you should have a sense of what’s on their mind. Second, if you ever write articles with an eye on developing business, it would be nice to know that the target audience is seeing the stuff that you write.”

So says Above the Law columnist Mark Herrmann in this is must-read article for every law firm marketer and every lawyer who writes to promote his or her practice.

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