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Improving law firm practice groups

March 14th, 2012 by Altman Weil

This week Altman Weil released a new piece of research on law firm practice groups showing that there is a lot of room for improvement in this important area.  So what should firms do to improve their practice groups? 

 We recommend that firms consider each of the following to consistently accelerate performance:

1.  Rethink your Practice Groups as externally-focused business units oriented to clients, strategy, competitiveness and growth (rather than organizational and operational issues)

2.  Create a formal planning process that results in short, focused, achievable plans for every Practice Group

3.  Clarify the Practice Group Leader role with a clear, focused job description

4.  Require leadership training for every Practice Group Leader

5.  Hold leaders accountable for performance through a formal evaluation and feedback program.

6.  Move as many administrative tasks as possible to non-lawyer professionals who support the groups or to others in the firm

Read the full survey at Altman Weil